How to run Apache in foreground

You can run Apache in foreground using command: But it is not that simple. While the above command works, Apache process will terminate once it receives SIGWINCH signal from the operating system with following error message: SIGWINCH is codename for “Signal Window Change”. A process receives SIGWINCH signal whenever the window it is running under […]

How to center element horizontally in CSS

Centering element in CSS is regarded as complicated and confusing by beginner developers. This is to be expected as it is not possible to center element by defining only one CSS property. The arrival of flex has made centering somewhat easier, especially vertically centering. This article will cover various techniques to center element in CSS […]

Run Apache in Docker

This tutorial makes following assumptions: You are using Ubuntu. It might also work in other Debian based Linux systems, although not guaranteed. You have already set-up Docker. Steps to run Apache inside Docker in following: Create a directory called apache-docker Create Dockerfile and open in text editor Use ubuntu:20.04 as base image. You can also […]

Run cron job in Heroku

You might already be familiar with cron if you have worked on job scheduling. Cron provide easy way to run a job at specified time. The use of cron expression makes it easy to define the interval to run the task. For more flexibility, cron expression can be defined directly in the script instead of […]